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"All these mystical elements---

water, mountain, and sacred tree---marked (Avalon) as a place of true spiritual power. Such a convergence of mystical signs indicates a cosmic doorway linking our Earth with the celestial realms above and the subterranean worlds below..." (Tricia McCannon, Jesus 2010 pg.178)

What to expect 

Entering into the Womb is an immersive experience. Embraced in all directions by the energy of the Earth,

The Womb is a place of death, rebirth and healing.


A question to consider upon arrival is "What is my intention for entering here?" By bringing it into sound or breath, the change begins. You may light a candle as a reminder for that intention.

Find yourself in a comfortable position, ask your question or state your intention out loud or within, then just LISTEN.  

Cushions or floor chair are provided. Please set

a timer to be mindful of the next person scheduled.

May you find answers and remembrance 

as you journey into yourself being

held inside the Womb. 

Womb shadow.heic
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