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Meet Kymber

Creatress of the Womb

Kymber has integrated the principles of shamanism and mysticism as her way of life.

She thrives being surrounded by nature, which became the medium for her art.


The Womb was created to aid others in leading healthier, more relaxed lives. Initially, it was a place to continue her practice of Energy Medicine. As soon as that was established, she felt guided to let go of all previous teachings and tools, leaving her to wonder how her service will continue in the community. With faith, she surrendered and was then guided to be Silent for a month.


Silence brought answers that are Silent.


The Womb is now a place unto itself.

It must be experienced to be understood.


A conversation can offer clarity, the stillness offers it all.

Kymber has found that life itself is the most valuable of mystery schools we can attend.


As we heal ourselves, the world heals.

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